7. Give Him Space

Finally, as well as being there when he needs to talk, you should also know when it's better to give him some space. As much fun as being in a relationship can be, it can also be intense and sometimes a bit stifling.

Know when he needs to be by himself, and don't push him to always put you first.

Being a good girlfriend doesn't mean being a doormat, but rather being accepting and considerate of his feelings and needs. Do this, and your relationship will be stronger. What do you think are the three most important aspects of a relationship?


Shaila palete
When my boyfriend asked me If theres a problem I pretend like everything is ok until one day he knew everything and he was so shocked about it and told me "i dont know if I can still trust you"..
Shaila palete
I have a problem i lied to my boyfriend coz theres only one reason maybe he might get mad if I tell him that my friends know about us.... like I have sex with him? Coz im drunk at that moment and my friends tell everybody
Felicia 3015. Run and run fast. He sounds like a narcissist. You'll never win!
2,5,6 the most important ones :) Thanks
My boyfriend always wants to stay distant from me we get in a spat he's like leave alone r if things don't go his way he gets all mad at me an tries to boss me but I don't let him at all and that make...
She Loves Love
@ramen I agree to the 5th power
She Loves Love
Dana, glad I'm not the only one
She Loves Love
Akki crawston I think you should, why not? I think it's cute very romantic
She Loves Love
Aubrey lol
She Loves Love I'm with you too.
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