4. Don’t Brag about Your New Boyfriend

Don’t Brag about Your New Boyfriend

You don't need to throw your new boyfriend into your old boyfriend's face. He's upset enough about the breakup. Don't purposely try to make it worse.

Don’t Stalk Him


My husband left me for another woman after I got cancer. I'm over it finally and seeing things clearly. I don't wish him any harm or anything good either. He is just nothing to me now. I can say I tri...
Elanor Moore
No, I was shocked, angry, and hurt. But will never let him know this. I happy for his new whore girlfriend!
He left me without telling anything and he wrote in twitter that he dumped me lol =_="
I have a really bad habit of throwing guys stuff away lol
If you Do nr 4 You're not over him and shouldn't be in a realitionship
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