How to Break out of a Relationship Rut ...

Long term relationships are an achievement. While it might not sound romantic, committing to someone for years and years takes hard work and commitment. In the initial stages of love, many people are under what is somewhat like a spell. When the infatuation drifts away, we are left with a situation that either matures into a deeper love or we break up.

It was Woody Allen who once said "The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it."

This may well be true and once that initial lust has eased, many relationships go through a stage of tension, a time of working out whether the other person is actually a good match or not.

Everyone has heard of the 7-year itch: it has even been scientifically shown that after 4 years, most people are immune to the other person's chemistry in a relationship. So for relationships to last longer than that, it means a deeper love must set in. When people have been together for many years, it is easy to become lazy. It is easy to take those you love for granted and not appreciate all they are.

1. Switch It off to Turn Your Partner on!

Some important things to remember here is to actually schedule in time for each other. In this age where the digital world and everything in it can be screaming for your attention, it is wise to consciously pay attention to your partner without any distractions. Get a babysitter, book a day off work, invest quality time in your relationship. It is the best gift you can give your partner and yourself.

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