How to Break up when You Share a House Together for Girls Wanting to Bail ...


How to Break up when You Share a House Together for Girls Wanting to Bail ...
How to Break up when You Share a House Together for Girls Wanting to Bail ...

Breakups are hard no matter what. If you find yourself at a crossroads where you're thinking about breaking up with your significant other whom you also live with, there are some special considerations to keep in mind. Not only are you breaking up with your partner, you also share a living space, bills, and furniture with this person so it's bound to get tricky. Consider some of these helpful tips below if you're thinking about breaking up with your live-in partner.

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Think It through

I'm sure you didn't wake up one morning and decide to break things off with your partner but it's important to consider all sides and really think it through before you talk to your partner about it. Does he or she have any idea you're unhappy? Do you want to break up with your partner but want to remain friends and live together? Be clear with what you want before you making any moves.


Be Honest

As you're going through the potential break-up process, be very honest with not only your partner but with yourself as well. Tell him or her exactly how you feel and explain your decision. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and be very clear and open about how you feel and that you've made up your mind.


Is It Really over?

Breaking up and moving out might seem like the best option now but it's helpful to think about whether things are really over. Did you and your partner do all that you could and breaking up is the only option or perhaps there could be a chance to repair and improve things? You might not want to think about it but this is a big move, examine all of your motives and options.


Stay Positive

This is undoubtedly a difficult time for both of you but it helps to be as positive as possible. As this is the end of your relationship and the beginning of your single life, try your best to end things on a positive note. The last thing you want is to bring any unfinished business or emotional baggage into your next relationship.


Be Reasonable

Inevitably the time will come where you need to divide up belongings. No matter how much pain you might be in, try your best to be reasonable. You might feel like you have a right to everything in the house for whatever reason but continuously fighting over kitchen supplies or electronics won't get you anywhere. Be prepared to compromise and take the high road for your sanity.


Take Your Time

Avoid rushing from one relationship to the next. Take your time getting to know yourself again and be single. For many years you defined yourself as being someone's partner and now you're on your own. Relish your singlehood and take your time dating and getting to know others before getting serious with someone again.


Create Space for Yourself

Whether the two of you decide to remain roomies for the time being or one of you moves out, create some space. If you're still living together, give yourself and your partner some space and respect their boundaries. If you're living apart, avoid "accidentally" running into him or her or meeting up for awhile.

We're sad to hear you're going through a difficult time your relationship right now but hope these tips will help make the process just a little bit easier. For those who have been through this situation before, what advice do you have for fellow readers?

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great advice. This is the hardest thing for couples who have lived together and invested a lot of things together and then they go through separation.

1 Do not tell.

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