How to Build πŸ›  a Healthy ✌️ Dating Relationship πŸ‘« ...


It’s fair to say that in this modern age of romance, dating is more complicated than it has ever been before! With social media basically ruling the world now, we are in a peculiar situation where we know more about everyone else than ever, but in some ways are more isolated from human interaction than previous generations have been. This can all have an impact on your dating life, but there are definitely ways to bring some old style normalcy to it. Here is how to build a healthy dating relationship.

1. Desire

You need to work towards growing enough desire for someone to be willing to keep the online chats going, because these days it is online where the majority of the initial contact takes place. Get into the routine of speaking to them, to the point where you long to be talking to them when you are doing something else. This kind of desire is essential to making modern dating work.