Ultimate Guide to Picking Where to Eat when Neither of You Will Decide ...


Don't you hate when you're having a great time with your boyfriend, but then that dreaded question comes up: Where do you want to eat? Most of the time, we don't really care, which is why we'll shrug our shoulders.

Of course, our boyfriend won't be happy with that, because it means he won't know where to take you. Neither of you will want to make a decision, and that's when the arguments can begin.

To save yourselves from a fight, you should check out this cartoon with a flow chart, which has been trending on Imgur:
Now you'll be able to follow this flow chart to pick a place to eat with your partner!

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This is CRAPPPP--Sonic would be catered at my wedding if it was an option

Probably this could be useful if you happen to be in the States, otherwise not much.

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