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Being torn between two men is not something every girl desires when she thinks about love. Even though some people might think that liking two men at the same time can be quite fun, the truth is that you will only feel stressed and anxious and even incomplete until you make a decision. You will have to take a lot of things into consideration if you need to choose between two guys and sometimes, you might even have to trust your instinct. Here are 7 helpful tips on how to choose between two men that will make your decision a bit easier:

1. Consider the Positive Qualities of Each Guy

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One of the first things you should do when you need to choose between two men is to consider the positive qualities of each guy. Just think about what you like about them so much. Do they make you laugh? Do they have a good sense of humor? Are they in touch with their emotional side? Are they treating you respectfully?

2. Consider How Each Guy Makes You Feel

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Even though someone may have a lot of great qualities, if you want to start a relationship with them, you also need to take into consideration how they make you feel when you are with them. Do they bring out the best in you? Do they make you feel like they are only interested in you? Do they challenge you and make you want to be a better individual? Do they treat you like a lady and make you feel special?

3. Consider the Negative Qualities of Each Guy

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Even though you may only see the positive things about someone when you like them, try to think about the negative things as well, especially if you have to decide who you really want to be with. Do they have a lot of baggage? Are they bossy or manipulative and they always try to get their way? Have they ever lied to you? Do they constantly get in trouble?

4. Consider How Each Guy Feels about You

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If you have to choose between two men, you should also consider how each of them feels about you. Even if you might be tempted to go with the one who likes you more just because he is a safer choice, try to be fair and find out as much as you can about the feelings they have for you.

5. Ask Your Friends for Their Opinion

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If you are in doubt and you donโ€™t know who to choose, you could also ask your trusted friends for their opinion. After all, they are there to offer you a shoulder to lean on and to give you advice when you need it. Donโ€™t ask them who they like better, but who do they think is better for you.

6. Weigh Their Similarities and Their Differences

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You could make a list for each guy with all the things you like and donโ€™t like about them. Basically, you could do a pro/con chart for each guyโ€™s strengths and weaknesses. This chart might help you figure out who you really want, so give it a try.

7. Donโ€™t Rush It

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This is an important decision and important decisions take time, so donโ€™t rush it. As long as you are not committed to any of them, you shouldnโ€™t feel guilty because you are not betraying anyone. On the other hand, try not to drag it on too long. Think about their feelings too but donโ€™t make a hasty decision.

Liking two guys at the same time is not something that every girl might want. Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do? Do you know any other tips on how to choose between two men? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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