4. Attract Attention

Attract Attention

If you love your waistline, draw attention to it with a belt. If you love your chest, wear shirts that show it off. If you love your legs, wear shorts and skirts whenever you can. You have a gorgeous body, so don't be afraid of flaunting it. A man will never judge you for how much skin you show, so wear whatever you're comfortable with.

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@emma that's very true. But, sometimes u can try something new too. That way, we add to our style and show some variation
Sexy Stilettos
Crop top and high wasted pencil skirt. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident!
if he complimented her skinny jeans, he's probably not your type (hint hint)
I still think I should I wear what I want to. Guys like it when girls are themselves.
Sarah that's why you balance the amount of skin you show. If you're gonna draw attention to your chest, wear pants, if you're gonna draw attention to your legs, don't wear such a low cut top. Just like with makeup, red lips simple eyes, bold eye simple lip.
I agree Francesca, guys are simple. Don't 'over kill it'....just be who you are and dress simple but cute too:)!
Uhhhh guys do judge u if u show too much skin... It's called showing all you got and looking cheap
Francesca Rose
I wore a simple stripe long sleeve top, with a tulle skirt and some cute ankle wrap heels, and with my hair in a ponytail. I can say I definitely got his attention. Guys are simple, so dress simple.
Good ideas!!
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