5. Make a Fancy Meal

If you were in a relationship, you wouldn't go out to eat every single night. Once in a while, you'd make some fancy food. That's why you should create an elaborate meal for yourself, complete with candles and wine. Then you can set a bath and enjoy your quiet night.

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Drama Queen forever
@zara can't lie my mom says I fell deeply in love with myself when I refused to sleep alone as a baby (I felt lonely and I had to take care of myself) then she was sure I loved myself when I used to u...
So inspirational
Hmm okay :)
So have I Zara, who needs guys
I have been dating myself since i was born.. Hahaha
Cuz once my friend was waiting for me out side the shop and i was paying then the counter asked why are you shopping by ur self and it was so weird
I heard many ppl saying go shop by your self... I always wanted to go shop alone!!!!BUT i feel shy shopping by my self
Drama Queen forever
And sometimes when he finds love notes he thinks it is for him but actually I wrote them to myself πŸ˜‚
Drama Queen forever
I have been dating myself since I was born I am a two timing bitch. My boyfriend is tired of me not giving him enough time so some days he just locks my phone in his drawer or locks me in a room with him
Once I went to a restaurant alone. The waitress said "table for two?" And I said "no, just one." She seemed confused and said "really?"
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