How to Deal when His Parents πŸ‘ͺ Don't like You πŸ–•πŸΌ ...

You were so excited to finally meet his parents. It meant your relationship was moving forward and the future was bright. But then, that big family dinner you were so looking forward to didn’t go as planned. What should you do next? Keep reading to find out!

1. Don’t Stop Being Yourself

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First thing’s first: don’t change yourself to try and win over his parents. You can’t know why they don’t like you (unless they told you, in which case they are too rude to deal with in the first place) so changing yourself might end up being futile. Plus, your significant other loves you because you are you! He won’t want you to change, regardless of his parents’ opinion.

2. Talk to Him

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He knows his parents better than anyone else, so ask him why they may have responded badly to meeting you. Even if he doesn’t have any helpful answers, it still helps to talk to someone who can console you and come to your defense when they are being unkind to you.

3. Be on Your Best Behavior

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Like I said, you shouldn’t change yourself to make anyone like you, not even someone as important as your significant other’s parent. However, being on your best behavior to present the best version of yourself can be helpful. Make sure to be polite, courteous, and friendly whenever you are around them, still letting your true personality shine through. After a while when you are more comfortable with them, then maybe you can dial it back.

4. Learn How Their Family Works

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Every family functions differently, sometimes in the subtlest of ways. Maybe you said something you shouldn’t have said or broke an unspoken rule. Regardless of the mistake you made that made his parents dislike you, it could have been avoided if you knew how his family does things. Ask him about ground rules before you visit again next time to avoid another mini-catastrophe.

5. Show You Care for Him

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At the end of the day, parents really just want their son or daughter taken care of. If you show that you love him and care about his well-being as much as your own, they will appreciate that. They might not dislike you, but rather the idea of you as a threat to their current family dynamics. Make sure they know that you will only be a positive contribution to his life and theirs.

6. Don’t Push Too Hard

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One of the worst things you can do is try to force a friendship between yourself and his parents. That will just feel awkward, pushy, and fake. At the end of the day, they reserve the right not to like you, regardless of how wrong you think they are.

7. Try to See Things from Their Perspective

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Lastly, it always helps to see things from someone else’s perspective. Try to understand them before you get angry at them. Anger between you and them will grow into hatred if you don’t step back and think about things with a clear mind.

Feeling disliked is always difficult, but it doesn’t always last forever. Maybe over time his parents will come to realize that you are the perfect match for their son! If not, you can deal with it in other ways by being understanding, communicative, and true to yourself. How have you dealt with this situation in the past?

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