How to Deal πŸ™πŸΌ when Your Partner πŸ’‘ is Moody 😑 ...

There are many times in life where we struggle with our own emotions--add the emotions of a partner in there and you've got a recipe for disaster when you just can't figure out why they're behaving the way they are! Sometimes you have to take a step back and analyze the situation rationally. thelist gives some great ways to help you do that; check them out below.

1. Don't Take It Personally

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When your partner is feeling frustrated, angry, or sad, they might lash out and even say things that they may not mean. Even if they say little to nothing, many of us have a tendency to take things personally.Sometimes, people just get into a funk. There are a million reasons why this can happen (and sometimes it just happens for no good reason!). When you blame yourself for your significant other's bad mood, you might become defensive, which can escalate the situation. Worse yet, you could prevent a conversation about what's really bothering your partner.Pro tip: Remember that everyone has bad days and that you aren't responsible for your partner's emotions.

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