2. Make a Playlist to Distract Yourself

Music is really good for distracting yourself! Of course, you’ll want to make a playlist of sad songs. Let yourself listen to it for a day or two, and then create a playlist of happy songs that will help you move on. The more you’re listening to uplifting songs, the less you’ll spend time thinking about your rejection!

Find a Mantra


Karen angel
I did like her and well i dont anymore and I know that loving is a true key thing I am tryingny hardest not to dwell on her anymore everytime i see her i will just walk away from her and act like she means nothing πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Karen angel
Ok ive been in that horrible situation a few times it was this girl i thought we were friends and everytime i see her with someone else she gives me that evil look she is well rude how do u cope with that eh
Good advices.. Can help for sure
I'm guessing this is meant for those who do take it to heart. Very good advice too!
peony blue
Rejection but if u don't take it to heart then you move on so...
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