How to Feel Confident 😁 in Your Relationship πŸ’‘ ...


Sometimes in our relationship, we feel less confident. Maybe it was something he said or did that made you suddenly question your self-esteem or value. This is completely normal. What is not normal is if you let it eat away at you inside.

I've been there with my previous relationships, where I am always the one who compromises, who always understands, and keeps things bottled up inside because I felt like I was the "lesser" one. This gets really toxic and instead of being in love, you are in fear.

1. Whenever You Feel like You Are Being Condescended, Re-evaluate Your Relationship, Not Yourself

When This Happens, Recognize if Your Guy Does It on Purpose, or if It is Just a One-time Thing and He Mistakenly Poked Your Insecurity. Chances Are, Your Guy Doesn't Even Know What Your Insecurities Are
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