How do I Flirt 😘 on Instagram 📱?

How do I flirt on Instagram? Very simple, ladies! First, you detect signs of Instagram flirting. For instance, when a guy likes your Instagram photo and leaves a comment that shows he is interested, you can absolutely start your flirting game! Here's how:

1. The Best Flirting Tactic on Instagram is Keeping up the Likes. like Every Second or Third Photo from the Most Recent. It's Best to do It in One Sitting - so That It Does Not Look like You Are Obsessing over Them the Entire Day

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One of the easiest and often best ways to flirt on Instagram is to simply like plenty of their photos (and by plenty I mean up to 7 max - more than that will look a little too obsessive)! No, I don't mean you have to like every single photo they upload or go back through their history to like the previous ones. Just stick to liking some of their photos, say, every second photo or even every third. This way you won't look like you're online 24/7 (even if you are!) and you also won't come across too eager to get noticed.

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