How to Flirt Using Eye Contact for Girls Who Want to Dazzle Him without Saying a Word ...


How to Flirt Using Eye Contact for Girls Who Want to Dazzle Him without Saying a Word ...
How to Flirt Using Eye Contact for Girls Who Want to Dazzle Him without Saying a Word ...

Making eye contact is a great way to start flirting if you’re the sort that gets tongue-tied, embarrassed or simply lacks something to say to spark up a conversation. And if you’re a confident sort of gal, eye contact flirting is instinctive and exciting, a way to get your message across without words. Who knows where those stolen glances will lead? Here’s how to get your flirt on, eye fashion.

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Employ an Occasional Casual Stare

human action, face, person, man, nose, It’s not particularly sexy if your subject catches you boring a hole in to them with your eyes! The key to start flirting with eye contact is to keep your initial eye contact to a few casual glances at them every now and then; a signal of interest for them to notice but not too forthcoming.


Exchange Fleeting Glimpses

performance, guitarist, musician, entertainment, music, Once he notices your attention, don’t be too quick to really go for it. Let him know you’re not a total stalker by exchanging a few curious glances first, keeping eye contact to a second or so. Throw a quick smile in there too! Want to make sure there is interest from both sides? Simply look to repeat these brief glances until they stop being incidental and start becoming a direct and meaningful exchange between the two of you. Don’t linger and be creepy, but let him know you like the look of him!


Put a Message in the Glance

person, screenshot, interaction, You can say a lot with only your eyes, so as the glances begin to become a little less fleeting and bit more determined, start to talk to him using your eyes, send a signal that you’d love to get to know him better. It might sound hard, but it will come naturally!


Build Some Excitement

facial expression, black, photograph, black and white, image, Right, so now that you’ve definitely got his attention and interest, it’s time to build a bit of excitement! Stop staring for a little while; make him miss you, then once you start to engage in eye contact again he’ll be exhilarated at your return!


Reverse It!

color, red, photograph, photography, beauty, Keep the object of your attention in the corner of your eye but do not directly stare at him. Wait for the moment that he’s looking at you and then quickly turn to make eye contact. This will make it seem like he was the one who was trying to initiate contact even though it was you all along!


Smile and Blush

blue, darkness, screenshot, illustration, This works great if you are with a group of friends whilst flirting with him across the room. Every time you break eye contact, look away and give a little smile or blush if feel like it. These little secretive smiles that are not directly facing him will peak his interest and make you seem a little mysterious.


Pay Attention to Their Response

black, white, photograph, black and white, person, After all, flirting is a two way street, well, successful flirting anyway! Play close attention to the reaction and response that your eye contact is getting from your intended target. If he is reciprocating and looks interested, then all is well, but if you are not getting the kind of response that you were hoping for, then it might be time to give it up and move on rather than being labelled as creepy!


Smile While Staring

hair, black and white, person, photography, monochrome photography, The clinching move when it comes to flirting with you eyes is to directly smile as you stare at each other. If flirting across a room at a bar, for example, this should be taken as the okay signal to take the flirting to the next stage, After eye flirting, the rest should be a breeze! Just make sure you’ve got something to say.


Seal the Deal

people, male, portrait, When you’re ready to make contact, drop some signs that invite him to approach you. He might be bold enough to walk up to you. If not give it a gentle push. While he’s looking at you, look to a “destination” – maybe the bar, or the ladies room, then look back at him and smile. Get up slowly and head in your destination’s direction. Give him another smile. If he doesn’t move to follow, never mind. No one knows your flirting came to nothing and you can just move on. If he does … win!

Have you ever tried this technique? Did it work for you? I’d love to hear if any of you hooked someone this way.

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eye contact usually catches men's attention.

This really does work. Tried it many times before.

One time when I was in high school I really wanted this burrito this guy was eating at lunch so I gave him "the look" and opened my mouth and pointed in it. From there he went and shoved his burrito in my moist mouth. Then I wasn't hungry anymore. ☺️

I can say th

It works! I now have a husband that started out as "flirting with our eyes!" If it doesn't work, he wasn't for you anyways and if it does, well maybe you'll have a husband someday too!! 💕

If anybody would like to hear the whole story just let me know ;)

Soooo does this work?! If so there's a guy at the gym that I could so try this with! ;)

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