How to Flirt with Men on Social Media ...

If you rarely see your crush in person, or if you're too shy to approach him when you see him, then you can try flirting with him on social media. Nowadays, everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which means there's definitely a way for you to contact him online. If you're not sure what you should say, here are a few different ways you can flirt with your crush on social media:

1. Add Him as a Friend

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If you want to flirt with a man on social media, then the first step is to actually add him on Instagram and Facebook. If you’ve been admiring him from afar, and don’t think he has any idea who you are, then you might want to send him a message along with that friend request. You don’t have to start off flirty. Just say that you think you're in the same class, or that you’re a huge fan of his funny IG posts.

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