7. Show Your Wit via Text

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Wit is a highly underrated trait. Polish yours to a sharp point and use it like a rapier when you text the guy who's caught your fancy. He won't be able to resist coming after you. No one will, honestly -- wit is sexy and it's exciting to be around witty people.

It's a shame that anyone has to play chase-me-chase-me games, but it's a fact that they do, especially when they're embattled in the much bigger game of love. No harm, no foul -- it's also fun in the early days, plus you have to admit that it's tiresome to constantly chase after men to get them to communicate. Have you ever tried to get a guy to chase you over text? How did that go?


Sonya Arleene
How do I show Wit? What is wit?
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It was a total wreck last time I tried
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