2. Ask Him to Spot You

Ask Him to Spot You

This won't even sound flirty, so there's no need to worry about rejection.

Make Friends with the Staff


I now suspect these articles for my confusion in the gym. I just can't get why ppl come with full make up and stick on lashes for gym. Most guys go to gym seriously and they avoid distractions
@Joanne that is so stupid. You can find dates anywhere. Libraries, stores , etc
@Joanne I totally agree with you. I wouldn't suggest anyone to find a a guy in the gym, of course there are hot guys but it's a workout place and everyone like both sexes are seeing everyone how they...
My best friend's parents met at a gym so it isn't true
Gyms are for working out ONLY.....in my humble opinion. You run the risk of looking desperate if you flirt with the opposite sex at the gym. Try going to a nightclub or online if you are looking for a date.
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