How to Get over Your Ex ...


It doesn't matter how long you two were together for, because it's always hard to get over an ex. Even if you know the breakup was for the best, there will be things you'll miss about them. That's why even the strongest, most independent women will benefit from these different ways to get over an ex:

1. Write Yourself a Note

If you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you'll probably remember the technique the gang uses to get over women. They take a piece of paper and write out a note to themselves about their ex--and you should do the same. Write down all of the reasons why your relationship failed. It's okay to get a bit nasty, because you want to make sure you jot down all of the bad things about your ex. That way, whenever you have the urge to text them to get back together, you can reread your own words to see why that's such a bad idea.

Aim to Find Closure


Stormy Dodd
This sucks cause I really love my ex! This advice was GREAT! But I can't forget about him sorry!!😔😒😩
Precious R
So hard it sucks and I'm trying to move on. Whenever I do he comes back :/ God I miss him so much :(
I've experienced a couple of bad relationships. Oddly enough, I was able to move on from my most recent ex (who took advantage of me and severely disrespected me), but I am having trouble moving on fr...
Really needed this right now :)
Very very helpful now me and my ex are friends and I am so over him.
Sapna Pathak
Great article thanks
Very helpful. Thank you, but it's difficult. I love reading because when I am reading every problem of my life disappears. :)
The Girl in the picture looks devastated....poor lamb
nice article for one minute i thought its gonna b another of those articles where they write same thing over and over and over for once this is something dofferent and the writing notes to urself real...
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