How to Increase ⏫ Emotional Intimacy 😍 from Your Man 💑 ...

Generally men are not as open about their feelings as women, which is why one of the most common complaints within relationships is a lack of emotional intimacy. You may have a terrific connection with your man but you may have to do extra if you want him to be more open than he currently is.

1. Comfortable Environment

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When thinking about how to get your man to open up, the location in which you try to do it is absolutely key. For example, a crowded restaurant or the middle of the street is probably not the most ideal place to attempt to get him to open up and be vulnerable with you. You are going to have much better luck if you make sure that the two of you are in an environment where he feels completely comfortable: your home is the best bet. If he is surrounded by people and things that make him happy, he is going to be much more likely to open up to you.

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