How to πŸ“– Give Him a Mind Blowing πŸ’₯ Orgasm 😯 Based on His Zodiac Sign β™οΈβ™’οΈβ™‘οΈβ™ŒοΈ ...


When it comes to sex and sexuality, we all have specific and individual things that really get us going! Sure, any kind of orgasm is great, but when you can do something to your partner that accesses that extra little pleasure switch in their brain, the results are heavenly! We’ve all got something that can push us over the normal edge in something better, we just have to find out what it is! Here is how to give him a mind blowing orgasm based on his zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Communication is his thing, so in the context of the bedroom, you will send him wild with orgasmic delight if you talk dirty to him at the crucial moment!