How to πŸ“– Give Him a Mind Blowing πŸ’₯ Orgasm 😯 Based on His Zodiac Sign β™οΈβ™’οΈβ™‘οΈβ™ŒοΈ ...

When it comes to sex and sexuality, we all have specific and individual things that really get us going! Sure, any kind of orgasm is great, but when you can do something to your partner that accesses that extra little pleasure switch in their brain, the results are heavenly! We’ve all got something that can push us over the normal edge in something better, we just have to find out what it is! Here is how to give him a mind blowing orgasm based on his zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Communication is his thing, so in the context of the bedroom, you will send him wild with orgasmic delight if you talk dirty to him at the crucial moment!

2. Taurus

He likes to feel like a king, so you basically need to treat him that way and be his servant! Have him direct you in any way that he wants and he will go crazy from the sexual power that he’s exerting.

3. Gemini

He is someone who needs to know that he is a going a good job in order to enjoy himself, so he’s going to need lots of verbal affirmation and moaning from you. This will make him orgasm much harder than if you were just keeping quiet.

4. Cancer

He has a wild imagination, so ask him about his biggest fantasies and then proceed to act them out. The combination of his dream situations coming to life will be almost too much for him to handle!

5. Leo

He is very strong and authoritative in his professional life, but in the bedroom the thing that is likely to make him orgasm harder than ever is you taking control and showing him who the real boss is!

6. Virgo

He gets turned on by anything surprising and spontaneous, so things like waking him up with oral sex, getting frisky in a quiet public place, those kinds of activities are sure to make him blow his top.

7. Libra

He is a real romantic at heart, which means that you need to go the extra mile to make sure that he is catered to emotionally as well as physically. Wine him and dine him and then blow his mind!

8. Scorpio

His libido is one that cannot be contained, so the more freaky things you are up for doing, the higher his sexual satisfaction is going to be. Don’t skip foreplay with this guy!

9. Sagittarius

There are no boundaries when it comes to sex with a Sagittarius. The more the merrier, so the thing that is likely to make him orgasm harder than ever is inviting a third person in to the bedroom!

10. Capricorn

The best thing to do to a Capricorn is tease them. Send him sexy text messages throughout the day detailing exactly what you want to do to him later, and he will be just about ready to burst when he comes home!

11. Aquarius

Have you heard of edging? It’s the process of pleasuring your partner to the point of orgasm and then stopping, building up the unbearable tension as many times as you can before he can’t take it anymore. An Aquarius loves this kind of thing!

12. Pisces

He is very sensitive to his environment, so with a Pisces to have the best orgasm ever you need to have everything set up right from the bedding to the music to the lighting.