How to Give Him the Best Ride Ever ...

Sex is super fun, has anybody ever told you that? I know, it’s hardly a huge secret, but you would be amazed at the amount of people who aren’t entirely sure of that fact because that still haven’t managed to get in to their sexual groove with a partner. We all have the potential to be great lovers and have great sex, it’s just a case of taking on the right advice and putting the right moves into practice! Here is how to give him the best ride ever!

1. Make Sure to Be Extra Careful when You Are You Sitting on Top of Him and Straddling Him, One Wrong Movement and You Could End up Hurting His Sensitive Area and Completely Killing the Mood!

2. Something That is Important is That You Should Be Looking to Please Yourself First, and Him Second. the Truth is That Most Women Take a Little Bit More Care and Attention to Climax than Men, so the Very Act of You Getting off Will Help Him to Get off at the Same Time

3. Be Creative during the Ride if You Can! Don’t Just Grind Away. Get Your Hands Involved and Give the Rest of His Body Some Attention at the Same Time, His Nipples in Particular

4. The Key Thing is Getting into a Smooth Motion That Has You and Him Connecting Together like a Sexy Jigsaw Puzzle. It’s All about Achieving That Motion of the Ocean That Will Send You Both over the Edge!

5. Don’t Just Wiggle Forwards and Backwards when You Are Having Sex. Make Sure to Lift Yourself Slightly to Achieve That in and out Motion at the Same Time. It’s All about Getting the Perfect Friction

6. Make Sure to Relax! Guys Can Tell when You Are Not Fully Comfortable or Engaged with a Situation, and Nothing Kills a Boner Quicker than the Thought That You Aren’t Actually Enjoying Yourself!

7. Turn around and Face the opposite Direction to Give Him a Change of Scenery. Give Him the Chance to Be as Much of a Bum Guy as He is a Boob Guy by Presenting a Full 360 Degree Viewing Angle!

8. Confidence is Key to Having Great Sex. You Really Can Fake It until You Make It, and It Will Rarely Ever Culminate in the Fake Kinds of Orgasms!

9. You Need to Be Able to Control His Penis! Take into Account the Size You Are Dealing with, and Try Not to over Commit with Your Movements so That He Keeps Slipping out of You

10. Don’t Feel Embarrassed or Ashamed about Getting the Lube out. the More Slippery and Smooth Proceedings Are, the Better the Outcome is Going to Be!

11. Don’t Rely Just on Penetration to Get the Job Done. Make Sure That You Put in All of the Requisite Foreplay Action Both before and after if Needed

12. Practise Makes Perfect! Don’t Be Put off of the Riding in Positions Just Because You Tried It Once and It Didn’t Work Great. Keep on Going until You Both Find a Rhythm That Works for You

13. Put Some Music on That You Can Kind of Work Your Thrusts and Movements to the Beat. It’s an Easy Way to Get into a Rhythm!

14. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, so Make Sure That You Communicate with Your Partner to Achieve the Best Outcome and Work Together to Make Each Other Feel as Good as Possible

15. Don’t Forget about the Power of Hairography! Whip It Back and Forth as Much as You Can to Create a Really Sexy and Frenetic Effect

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