How to 📙 Handle a Halloween Party 🎉 with Your Crush 😍 ...

Halloween parties are awesome and agonizing at the same time. You're constantly torn between wanting to put together an incredible costume and being too lazy to put forth any effort until the last minute. You know the vibe's going to be crazy and there will be tons of food, candy, and (maybe) booze, which is both good and bad. Then you discover that the current keeper of your heart, the crush who is crushing your very soul, is going to be there … and suddenly, everything changes. This is not just a party. This is not just a Halloween party. This is a mission.

1. Make Sure S/he's on the Guest List

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The moment you get invited, make sure your crush is on the guest list. Why? Because you're dying to know and you might as well ask upfront. If s/he's not? Ask!

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