How to Handle Seeing πŸ‘€ an Ex πŸ’” in a New Relationship πŸ‘« ...


The thing that sucks most about breaking up with someone is that the grief and sadness presents itself in lots of different staggered stages. There is the initial split up, then there is the consolation from your family and friends, and then further down the line, when you think you might have gotten over it, there is the first time that you see your ex with a new partner! You might not even have feelings for them anymore, but seeing them moved on like that can still be a body blow. Here is how to handle seeing an ex in a new relationship.

1. Chill

Whatever you do, don’t make a scene by doing anything drastic! No matter how you are feeling inside, save your reactions for when you are in a quiet place with only friends around. Don’t do anything in your ex’s presence that is going to be talked about by him and his new partner. That’s the worst possible outcome.

Don’t Confront