How to Have a Spring Fling without Getting Your Heart Broken ...

If you're taking a trip with your friends to have a crazy spring break, then you might end up hooking up with a hottie. In case that happens, you have to know how to handle yourself. You don't want to end up catching feelings for someone who's only using you for a night. With that in mind, here are a few tips for having a spring fling without getting your heart broken:

1. Make Sure You’re on the Same Page from the Start

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If you only want a fling, make sure to tell him that. You don't want him to assume that you're looking for a real relationship, and then disappoint him when you fly back home and never even give him your phone number. That's why you should tell him that you're only looking for something casual from the start. That way, he won't be caught off-guard when you leave.

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