2. Try It out on Friends

Want to see how good your game is? Why not try it out on a few platonic friends of the opposite sex and see how they react to your charms. If all of a sudden they seem a little more interested, then you know youโ€™re doing well. If theyโ€™re not so impressed than ask what youโ€™re doing wrong and try to fine tune. Feedback is always helpful!

Be Brave


@wendybird can't believe you noticed!!:)
ิตีฐาฝ ีฆีกาฝาฝีฒ ึ…ฦ’ ารญิตฯฒีฐาฝี
I can't flirt.
That's a good picture of him.
No guts to do it
That's Austin Carlile. He's the frontman for the metalcore band Of Mice & Men.
He is so hot yum
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