How to Keep Your Relationship Strong during the Season of Breakups ...

Sadly, the holiday season is when many breakups happen. It can be a stressful time for couples. But your relationship doesnโ€™t have to experience a breakup. Thisโ€™s how to keep your relationship strong even when breakups are happening all around you.

1. Learn from the Mistakes of Others ๐Ÿ’”

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Itโ€™s a wise couple that can learn from the mistakes of others. When you see couples splitting up around you, be observant. If you were close to them then you may have an inside view of their problems. If you can, talk to your partner about the situation and where you each think problems began occurring. When you can learn from the mistakes of others, you can protect your relationship from meeting the same fate.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

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The holidays can be a time when feelings are easily hurt. You may be expecting a certain gift๐ŸŽ from your man and he didnโ€™t pick up on the hints you were dropping. Itโ€™s helpful to have realistic expectations and remember that it truly is the thought that counts. Look at the effort your man made to get you a gift you love, even if he missed the mark. And if he asks what youโ€™d like as a gift then of course itโ€™s okay to tell him! He wants your help if heโ€™s asking.

3. Schedule Downtime

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It can be easy to overbook yourselves during the holidays. Thereโ€™re family functions, parties and seasonal activities galore. They can all be fun events but they can also be a bit stressful, especially when they become excessive. Be sure to schedule some special nights just for the two of you ๐Ÿ’‘. Spend some time alone nurturing your relationship and youโ€™ll sail smoothly through the season of breakups.

4. Practice Patience

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Thereโ€™re times when you simply have to practice patience. It isnโ€™t always easy. Perhaps your man has a family member who drives you absolutely batty. In truth, they probably drive him crazy too but what can you do? Be kind but distant with those sorts of people. Remember, theyโ€™re outside of your special relationship and someone youโ€™ll have to rarely see.

5. Keep Communication Open

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Communication can be a double edged sword. You want to communicate and have a policy of open discussion with your man but you also donโ€™t want to go into overdrive. Itโ€™s possible to over-talk things and make big deals out of whatโ€™s truly a small situation. Therefore, itโ€™s good to pick your battles. If itโ€™s an issue thatโ€™s really getting to you, address it. If itโ€™s small and insignificant, let it go.

6. Remember How Amazing Your Relationship is

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And after all the craziness of life, it all comes down to just the two of you. Donโ€™t forget how awesome you are as a couple๐Ÿ’. Keep your thoughts positive. Donโ€™t allow the little everyday stressors of life to steal the joy in your relationship. Appreciating each other will give your relationship a security little else can.

7. Hang out with Happy Couples

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Lastly, hang out with healthy couples. We tend to pick up on traits of those weโ€™re close to. Healthy relationships are just as contagious as toxic ones are. Surrounding yourself with happy couples is bound to have a positive effect. Itโ€™s an influence you want on your relationship.

Theseโ€™re some tips to help you keep your relationship strong during the season of breakups. Do you feel more stress on your relationship during the holidays? Share whatโ€™s most difficult for you.

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