How do You Know the Person You're Falling in Love with is the One ...


How do You Know the Person You're Falling in Love with is the One ...
How do You Know the Person You're Falling in Love with is the One ...

Here's a question for you: How to know the person you're falling in love with is the one?

You love your parents don’t you? And no one told you to love them or that what you feel for them is love, you just do. Your parents are your first and oldest loves, and no one will ever replace them. Then someone comes along, who you’ve never met before, and suddenly you’re met with a new kind of love. A love you can’t get enough of and you want to dive right in. The question is, how to know if the person you’re falling in love with is the one?

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You Want to Spend All Your Time with Him

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we saw each other every day. I remember we covered six dates within our first week. The first date was dinner at Texas Roadhouse, discussing our interests and our goals for the relationship. Date two, we went to the mall and walked around, and by date six, we were just picking up things at WalMart. I didn’t care what we were doing, so long as we were doing it together. And that's how to know the person you're falling in love with is the one.


You Want to Show Everyone He's Yours

I might have jumped the gun on introducing my boyfriend to my parents. On average, most couples don’t announce their relationship until six months in. However, my man and I told our parents three months in. He met my parents at my house, helping me pack for our vacation. I met his parents at a cook out at his apartment on his birthday. While a rocky meet and greet, I was happy to finally share our relationship with each other’s loved ones.


You Take Things to the Next Level

Being that we live in the age of hooking up, the next level for us wasn’t the first time we had sex. The next level for us was moving in together. Initially, I did not want to move in. For starters, I did not think I could afford the rent, however, my real fear was living with a man for the first time. Yet clearly, I did move in and one of the first things I noticed was that there was nowhere to hide. However, with that in mind, I was always discovering something new about my boyfriend and I wanted to learn more.


You Make up in the Middle of Fights

It’s no secret that couples fight. And sometimes, a fight can be the end of a good thing. But if you are in the middle of a fight, and suddenly you give in and break out into a make out session, you know it's love. I can remember this one time I was yelling at my boyfriend, and he was making jokes with funny faces. I stopped yelling, but I made sure to keep my face mad. He sat there with a stupid grin on his face and I couldn’t help but laugh. And by the end of the fight, I was leaving kisses all over his face.


You Can See the Future when You Look at Your Lover

Earlier today, my boyfriend and I were taking a nap. His breath smelled of Bojanles and I had eaten Subway earlier. Yet as our distinct breaths mingled together, all I could think was, I could wake up to this face every day. That’s true love when the smell of his breath makes you think forever and not of reaching for a tic tac.

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