How You Know You're Falling in Love According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


How You Know You're Falling in Love According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
How You Know You're Falling in Love According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Want to find out how to know you are falling in love according to your zodiac sign? Falling in love is a crazy, mysterious thing. It can happen in an instant or it can take time to develop, and the magical thing is that it can occur totally differently from one person to the next. The beauty of love is that it is in the eye of the beholder, and that makes it a completely unique experience for every single person in the world. However, if you happen to hold faith in astrology, there are definitely some gems of information that can be gleamed from checking out your chart! Here are some pointers for how to know you are falling in love according to your zodiac sign.

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Your conflicted nature means that when you are falling in love, you will want to both fight with and make love to the person all at the same time! It’s this crazy combination that is the key for an Aries.



When you are in love, you will want nothing more than to show your partner off to every and any person possible. You will find yourself treating them like a trophy!



You get bored very easily, so when you have found that one person who can hold your interest for longer than ten minutes, then you know it might be for real!



You tend to fall in love so fast that it can be hard to tell when you have actually come out on the other side, but something that is noticeable is your fierce loyalty toward the ones you love the most.



When you have fallen hard, you will find yourself unable to do anything else than shower your boo with gifts. It’s almost like you are trying to buy their affection even though it’s already love!



You aren’t the most tactile person in the world, which is why you can be sure you have fallen hard in love when you can’t keep your hands off them, even in public!



You can be quite an unreasonable person at times, so when someone has you trying to be fair and low key, then you know that Cupid has done his worst!



You normally have nerves of steel, so yeah, those butterflies that you keep getting whenever that particular person is around? That’s love for sure!



You are naturally quite serious, but when you are falling in love, you will find yourself willing to be more and more silly, letting yourself go with your partner.



When you are falling in love, you will do the extremely rare thing for a Capricorn of allowing that person to give you constructive criticism. You are usually completely allergic to it!



An Aquarius will be able to tell that they are falling in love when all of sudden, from out of nowhere, they realise that there is no other person they would like to spend time with. This is big because you are normally a fluttering social butterfly!



You will know that you have fallen in love when all of a sudden, rather than the usual Pisces tendency to think in ‘I’, you start to think in ‘we’. You can finally see a future in which you aren’t the only participant!

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