How to Legitimately Stay Friends with an Ex Forever ...

After a breakup, most people claim that they want to stay friends. However, that hardly ever happens. Bu if you're one of the rare couples who actually wants to continue their friendship after breaking each other's hearts, then you have to be careful, because you're treading on delicate territory. Here are a few tips for staying friends with your ex:

1. Wait a While before You Start the Friendship up Again

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You don't want to break up with him one day and then go out to the movies with him the next day. If you do that, then it'll feel like you two never broke up. Neither of you will get the closure that you deserve. That's why you should spend a few weeks apart, without seeing each other or even texting. Once you realize that the relationship is officially over and move past the heartache, then you can try hanging out again.

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