How to Legitimately Stay Friends with an Ex Forever ...


How to Legitimately Stay Friends with an Ex Forever ...
How to Legitimately Stay Friends with an Ex Forever ...

After a breakup, most people claim that they want to stay friends. However, that hardly ever happens. Bu if you're one of the rare couples who actually wants to continue their friendship after breaking each other's hearts, then you have to be careful, because you're treading on delicate territory. Here are a few tips for staying friends with your ex:

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Wait a While before You Start the Friendship up Again

Wait a While before You Start the Friendship up Again You don't want to break up with him one day and then go out to the movies with him the next day. If you do that, then it'll feel like you two never broke up. Neither of you will get the closure that you deserve. That's why you should spend a few weeks apart, without seeing each other or even texting. Once you realize that the relationship is officially over and move past the heartache, then you can try hanging out again.


Watch What You Say to Him

Watch What You Say to Him Even if you're completely over your ex, he might not be over you yet. That's why you should be careful about what types of conversations you two have. You can mention your new boyfriend, so he knows you're taken, but you shouldn't go on and on about how much you love him. It might break your ex's heart all over again.


Become Friends with His New Girlfriend

Become Friends with His New Girlfriend Even if you two are comfortable with your friendship, his future girlfriends might not be. That's why you should cozy up to them as soon as he gets together with them. Make them like you before they have the chance to ask him to drop contact with you. Otherwise, you probably won't stay friends for long.


Keep in Contact

Keep in Contact If you want to stay friends, then you have to treat him like a friend. Don't forget to text him on his birthday and invite him to hang out on weekends. If you let him drift away, then you won't have a chance to develop your friendship.


Never Hang out One-on-one

Never Hang out One-on-one It can be dangerous to be alone with him, even if the breakup was ages ago. To stay safe, you two should only hang out in groups. The more people, the better. That way, you two won't have a chance to get intimate, even if you wanted to.


Date Men Who Don’t Mind That You're Friends with an Ex

Date Men Who Don’t Mind That You're Friends with an Ex His future girlfriends won't be the only problem. Your future boyfriends could cause issues, too. After all, most people aren't happy to hear that they're dating someone who still hangs out with their ex. That's why you have to make sure you date men who are comfortable with you having an ongoing relationship with someone you used to date.


Don’t Act like You Did when You Were Dating

Don’t Act like You Did when You Were Dating You can't keep calling him "baby" and holding his hand when you walk around the mall. You're broken up. Act like it. If you act the same way that you did when you were together, then it's going to be confusing for everyone.

It's hard to stay friends with an ex, but it's definitely possible. You just have to be careful not to cross any lines. Are you friends with any of your exes or have they all deleted you off of Facebook?

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I sure will try this tips they are very helpfull

No need to keep them around wtf 😷💩

Thank you I'll try out these tips bc my ex was a good person it was just we got too busy for each other and lost interest but I don't want him out my life

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