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How to Let a Girl Know You Like Her - 17 Ways ...

By Olga

How to let a girl know you like her? How does a guy tell a girl he has feelings for her? How does he find the courage to confess himself?

Confessing your emotions can be done in that impulsive masculine way where you march towards her, grab her waist, and tell the entire world that you like this woman. As intriguing as that movie scenario sounds, it may not turn out as you expect. Consider this: how close are you to her? Are you long-term pals or new acquaintances? Of course, if you want to be romantically involved with someone, you don't need to have a long friendly relationship with them.

Nevertheless, shared experiences play a significant role if you're expecting her to like you back.

To begin, there is no simple answer to any of these questions.  And the journey a guy faces in both learning and gaining the courage to confess his feelings for a girl is fraught with both success and failure.

So if a guy hopes to find a successful way to let a girl know he likes her, then he needs to learn from his own mistakes (and not be afraid to make them) and from the experience of others who have trod this path before him.

He has to learn what is effective, what is most effective and what works best for his own personality when it comes to letting a girl know he likes her. With the following tips from your predecessors, you are armed with your top choices for letting a girl know you actually like her with highest probability of having her like you back:

1 Be Courteous to Let Her Know You Like Her

Most of us have an instinct to tease the object of our affections, lest they discover that we spent the night before sleeping mostly thinking about them and dreaming about them. Being nice is one of the most disarming things you can do, however. Holding a door for her, opening her car door, helping her carry heavy things or letting her pass in front of you as well as avoiding using rude words in her presence - all perfect ways to be courteous to her and letting her know she is special.  

2 Pay Attention to Her

Say hello, smile, and be friendly. Genuine displays of affection stand out from the way you pay attention to others, indicating that she is special in your eyes. However, pay attention to her in a way that will be perceived as friendly and affectionate rather than harassing and creepy.

3 Use Humor to Let Her Know You Like Her

Displaying your sense of humor is an excellent way to wear down a girl's defenses and make her fall for you. Making her laugh is another way to express your affection, especially when she is down and out. Women love humor, by multiple questionnaires, most women consider humor to be one of top 3 things they look for in a mate. As we all know, humor makes our lives easier and more fun - so, if you are naturally funny, do not hold yourself back.

4 Follow through on Your Words

If you say you'll call her, call her. If you promise to bring her something, bring it for her. The number of guys who don't understand that doing what you say you're going to do is the number one indicator of demonstrating that you care, that you value the other person, is staggering. Being a man of your word will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd.  There is nothing more attractive to women as the feeling of stability and the feeling of trust.

5 Ask Her Follow-up Questions when Possible

Remembering the details is one of the most disarming things a guy can do. If you mentioned in the last conversation that she had a job interview coming up that she was nervous about, or that her family was going to be in town that weekend, inquire about it. She'll be blown away that you didn't talk to her just to get into her knickers, but because you genuinely cared. A man who pays attention to the details is one to keep an eye on.

6Be Respectful to Her

Before you elevate her to the status of the woman you adore, treat her as an equal and a human being first. This includes recognizing her strong points, providing fair and unassuming advice, and being truthful.

7 Consult with Her

Show her how important she is in your life by asking her what she thinks about things like what you should get your mother for her birthday, that pain-in-the-asshole test, and your shoes. It makes no difference. Choose something and elicit a response from her to say, essentially, "Oh hi, I like your brain." "You are important," as well.

8 Dare to Try Physical Contact

Touching can be difficult. However, when done correctly, it conveys a clear message of affection. We assume that because you like her, you are open to the idea of touching her in a variety of creative ways. However, it is best to be cautious and touch her in accordance with your relationship level.

9 Invite Her out to Give Her a Hint That You Like Her

Don't rely on one-on-one time by chance: invite her out and make it clear that you want to spend time with her. It doesn't have to be an elaborate date that makes you nervous just thinking about it. It could be going to a concert, going to the park, or going out for coffee. Simply ask if you can buy her a coffee after class or during lunch.

10 Send Her Photos or Screenshots

It doesn't take ten messages in a row to let her know she's on your mind. If you text her a photo of her favorite pizza place or a screenshot of a movie you discussed previously, you're telling her without actually telling her that she's on your mind and has an impact on your life.

11 Make Half-Truth/Half-Joke Statements

These jokes are similar to teasing, they are a type of a secret message to implant the idea that you genuinely like her. It is also therapeutic for you because it serves as practice for actually telling her face to face that you adore her.

Assess her comfort level with these types of jokes first, and then proceed to treat her like a fictitious girlfriend when the two of you are alone. Give her some pet names. If she reacts, keep your cool and dismiss it as a joke.

12 Get Along with Her Friends

You have to get along with her friends, especially girlfriends, if you know them . If you find yourself in the company of her friends, you should do two things: ask them questions so that they can talk about themselves and make sure to mention how wonderful your crush is. That will have her friends rooting for you behind the scenes, like your own public relations company.

13 Tell Her How You Feel Right Away

The simplest approach is to say those three words to her: "I like you." Though this may catch her off guard, you may catch a glimpse of her blushing or breaking into a smile. Plus, a lot of girls admire your manly guts and honesty when you told her right away that you liked her.

14 Make Her Laugh by Teasing Her

There are two kinds of teasing: annoyance teasing and endearment teasing. Close friends and couples are prone to teasing.When done correctly, it can be interpreted as a sign that you are comfortable and close enough to transition from formal social interaction to a more intimate and friendly one. You don't want to overdo it, so be cautious.

15 Make Time for Her

Spending time with her conveys the message that you enjoy her company, which ultimately endears her to you. This could be as simple as asking for assistance with a personal errand. Accompanying her if she requests assistance with her own errands, as well as hanging out with her for a casual lunch or coffee.

16 Demonstrate Genuine Concern for Her Health and Wellbeing

In other words, be there for her when she needs you, offer assistance when she requires it, and most importantly, be there as a friend. This is the ultimate way to express your feelings for her. Simple friendly gestures also help, as they demonstrate that you are interested in the details of her life.

17 Write Her a Letter by Hand

That's fine if you're the type of old soul who's good with words but lacks the courage to say it personally. Handwritten letters may appear corny and quaint, but they do have a romantic appeal.

Writing a letter gives you plenty of time to plan and choose your words, as well as the freedom to say whatever you want. She certainly appreciates the time and effort you put into conveying your message in this beautiful classic manner. However, only opt for a letter if you are great with writing in general. Neat hand writing will also be a bonus.

There are many creative ways a guy can tell a girl he likes her, but if he wishes to have a good result from his efforts, then the best course of action is to avoid doing anything rash. A guy should not rush to tell a girl he likes her, and he should seriously consider what his actions would mean to her, especially if his feelings are deep.

The most effective way for a guy to convey his feelings for a girl is to wait for her to make the first move by giving him a small hint, the smallest hint at first, then gradually increasing the level of clue until he is certain his feelings are mutual. After that, he can move forward confidently, with no fear of failure or doubt.

He needs to wait for a sign that a girl could fall for him, and not try to force the issue. After he affirmatively receives a hint that she has feelings for him or could develop feelings, then he can be quite direct with his confession.

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