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How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology ...

By Alicia

How do you make a guy chase you? You need to get in his head and think like he thinks! Men don’t approach dating and relationships at all like women do. If you know these 7 tricks of male psychology then you’ve definitely got an advantage in getting him to chase you.

1 Stop Chasing Him

person,speech,screenshot,You,have, Step number one; stop chasing him! He can’t chase you if you won’t give him the space to do so. Here’s a little inside info for you, girls: men like to be the one who does the pursuing. So be patient with the process and allow it happen in time. Like my very wise teenage daughter says, “Be the chase, not the one who does the chasing.”

2 Find Your Inner Joy

habitat,natural environment,forest,jungle,fairy, When you’re happy within yourself, it shows to everyone around you. That’s magnetic to a man! Few men can resist a woman that’s happy and smiling. Not only will you have that advantage on your side but you’ll truly be happier within. This’s a win-win any way you look at it! Find some things that truly give you joy and pursue the passions you’ve always want to pursue!

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3 Give Your Appearance Some Attention

person,image,woman,lady,girl, You don’t have to be a supermodel. Just do your best to look your best. Wear something that makes you look and feel attractive. Take time to style your hair and apply makeup if that’s something you normally do. Even though it’s the inner person you truly fall in love with, let’s be honest. Physical chemistry matters, especially at first!

4 In a Word, Flirt!

human action,face,facial expression,hair,person, Flirting gives him the signal that you’re interested in him but you’re not going to go too far with it. You’re giving him the signal that you’re open to his advances but you’re putting the ball strictly in his court. He’ll then do one of two things. He’ll flirt back and let you know he’s interested or he won’t, in which case he’s clearly telling you he’s not interested. It’s hurtful but at least you know where you stand.

5 Let Him Know There’s Competition

performance,rock concert,performing arts,music,entertainment, A guy need not think he’s the only guy in your life. (Unless you’re in a committed relationship, of course!) Don’t stop hanging out or flirting with other guys you’re interested in. Why would you? A little competition could be the very thing that motivates him to make his move. And if it doesn’t, then it’s his loss, right?

6 Let Him Know That You Know You’re a Prize

hair,blond,muscle,long hair,photo shoot, In other words, let your confidence show! Confidence is very sexy, girls. When a man sees that you know you’re a prize, he’ll take the bait. In other words, if you believe you’re all that then he will too. It’s simple man psychology that really works.

7 Play Hard to Get

, It’s the oldest trick in the book but it’s also one of the best. Don’t be the girl that’s easy to get. No one wants to be her! Don’t automatically be available every time he wants to chat or get together. Say no once in a while just to remind him he’s got to work if wants you. It sounds a little harsh but it can definitely do the trick.

These 7 tricks of male psychology will have him chasing you ASAP. What’re your thoughts on these tricks? Do you think they’ll work for you?

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