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How to Make Sex Better in a Red-Hot Summer ...

By Sici

You know what makes you hot and sweaty? Sex. You know what makes you even hotter and even sweatier? Having sex in the heat of a scorching summer! Getting down and dirty with someone special can be exhausting and steamy even in the coldest of climates, but when you add the force of hot weather to proceedings, things can turn from sexy to not so sexy in an instant! Of course, your libido doesn’t just drop when the temperature rises, so you need to find ways to make it work! Here is how to make sex better in a red-hot summer!

1 Chilled Sex Toys

One fun thing to do to bring some coolness to your steamy sessions is to chill your sex toys! Stick your glass and ceramic toys in the fridge for the day and then make the most of them when under the covers at night; it’s a really wild sensation! Don’t go too far though - watch out for frostbite!

2 Chilled Sheets

Something absolutely amazing that you can do is put your bed sheets in a sealed bag in a fridge and then make the bed with them. The coolness of sliding into that space to get hot and heavy with your partner is unlike anything you have ever experienced, especially when you have been so sweaty during the day!

3 New Positions

Try about some positions that aren’t as exhaustive and hard work for both of you. One that a lot of people like to try out when the weather is too hot is the classic spooning, both on your sides, woman in front of the man style. Missionary can feel a bit suffocating in the heat.

4 Shower Sex

Get the hell in the shower, twist the hell out of that cold tap, and get the hell together! Shower sex is great all year round, and the beauty of it is that you can adjust the temperature to accommodate both winter sex and steaming hot summer sex! Be careful though, it isn’t always as romantic and effortless as they make it seem in the movies!

5 Cooling Lube

There is an entire lube industry at this point, and one of the best kinds that should be used in hot weather is the kind that has an awesome cooling sensation when it touches your private parts!

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