How to πŸ“˜ Make Your Ex πŸ’” Miss You 😘 like Crazy 😜 ...

Are you wondering how to make your ex miss you like crazy? We have all been through that breakup where we wish it was just a bad dream. A dream you can just wake up from. That isn't always the case, since we break off some relationships because they are toxic, but there is always that one guy you wished you could still call your man, even after a bad breakup.

You are not alone on this. Read on as we work out exactly how to get those guys crawling back to us. Or probably confessing their feelings all over again. Here's how to make your ex miss you like crazy.

1. Break off All Contact

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I know this is difficult but it works and is actually the top answer for how to make your ex miss you like crazy. Try to keep out of his circle and make him wonder what you are up to. Make him curious about your new life. Do not text him, call him, or even like his social media updates. Do not make an excuse to talk to him. My dear, this can be very difficult at the beginning, but it would be good if you keep yourself busy and distracted. You can go on for weeks without contacting him.

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