How to Make Your Relationship Amazing 7 Statements That Will Change How You Communicate ...

By Alicia

If you’re in a relationship then you want it to be the best it can be. These are 7 statements that can change how you communicate with each other in a positive way. They’ll help you build each other up, find more closeness and express your feelings. All of those help your relationship to be even stronger.

Table of contents:

  1. “thank you”
  2. “i love when you…”
  3. “i respect you because…”
  4. “i feel…”
  5. “you’re my best friend.”
  6. “you’re my hero”
  7. “i trust you”

1 “Thank You”

Gratitude is powerful in relationships. Knowing your partner appreciates you speaks volumes. Saying thank you is always important but make sure that you go past the surface level thank you that’s said for the sake of courtesy and express what you’re truly grateful for in your partner. And while everyone needs this, guys especially love hearing thank you from the woman they love. Whether it’s a thank you for your favorite candy bar or thank you for rescuing you when your car broke down, your man will love hearing this statement from you.

2 “I Love when You…”

Don’t be afraid to tell your man exactly what you love about him. He’ll love hearing it and you’ll love saying it. This can bring you closer together as a couple. He may even surprise you by sharing some things with you that he loves about you, too. That makes this statement a win-win.

3 “I Respect You Because…”

Ladies, this one can be hard to get because respect isn’t a super huge deal to us. We’re all about being loved but your man’s not like that. He wants to know you love him but more important than that to him is the fact that you respect him. He wants to know exactly what it is that you think is amazing and admirable about him. Each time you share something like this you can count on him treasuring your words.

4 “I Feel…”

Women are emotional creatures. We have tons of feelings to share. Your guy may not be great at picking up on them but you can tell him what they are. This statement is also good to use in conflict because it focuses on what’s going on with you instead of accusing him of anything directly. This statement can help you to have a more peaceful relationship.

5 “You’re My Best Friend.”

Of course there’s no one like your best gal-pal and that’s cool. But you’ve probably found your guy is a great friend to you, too. He’s probably been there to cheer you up when you’re feeling down and advised you through some tough situations. Letting him know that you love him for that is more than special. Telling him that he’s your best friend can cement your relationship.

6 “You’re My Hero”

These are powerful words to a guy. Don’t tell him this unless you’re sure you want to steal his heart. Letting him know just how much you think of him will change your relationship for the better in a hurry. This is also something you can say more than once. You can trust that he won’t get tired of hearing it.

7 “I Trust You”

This is a statement that’s good to say and good to hear. Without trust, your relationship can crumble. It’s one of the most important building blocks you can have in your relationship. Let your guy know how much faith you have in him. It’s a step in making your relationship rock solid.

These are 7 statements that can change how you communicate with one another. Do you say any of these to your guy? What response do you get?

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