How to Meet the Man of Your Dreams for Girls Looking for Mr. Right ...


How to Meet the Man of Your Dreams for Girls Looking for Mr. Right ...
How to Meet the Man of Your Dreams for Girls Looking for Mr. Right ...

Cuffing season is upon us but if you’re looking for a relationship with someone special and not just a cuddle buddy for a few months, we’ve got you covered! Dating is fun but it can get old quick. How many more frogs do you have to kiss in order to find your Prince Charming?! Where are all the good, single men? Well, we did some digging and broke it down into bite-size steps for all the ladies out there who want to settle down and find their ideal partner. Let’s jump right into these simple steps to meet the man of your dreams!

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Scope out Friends of Friends

It might seem like you’ve met just about all of your friends’ friends and their friends but were you really looking for a partner before? Think about this, if I asked you to look for all the red things in the room right now you’d probably miss or overlook objects of other colors in the room. The same can happen with partners. This isn’t to say that just because you’re on the hunt for a good guy means that he’ll magically appear but that there’s a possibility you could’ve overlooked a potential partner before because you weren’t really thinking about them in that way.


Share Your Plans

If you’re planning on meeting some friends for dinner or drinks or maybe you’re hitting up a cool new venue, announce your plans on social media so your followers and their friends can join in on the fun! If you have a lot of followers that you don’t know, this might not be the best idea. However, if you know your followers or your friends know them, then why not? It’s a public place and you’ll have your friends around if anyone sus shows up.


Try Some Me Time

Are you a social butterfly who rarely spends any time alone? If so, you might want to rethink it. Sure, time with friends is a must but, consider going out alone for coffee, a drink, or even a quick bite once in awhile so you have a better opportunity to meet someone new. It can be intimidating to try to spark up a convo with someone new when they’re surrounded by friends so make it easier to be approached!


Be a Yes Woman

I think John Mulaney said it best when he said that canceling plans is like heroin, in terms of instant relief. I can’t agree with him more but if you want to meet new people and find a partner, canceling on plans is not a good idea. You really don’t know who you might meet at the next event you’re invited to. Even if the fellow attendees are all women, someone might have someone great in mind to introduce you to. The same goes for dates with guys who might not fit your idea of Mr. Right. Give him a chance and get to know him better. He might’ve just needed some time to warm up to you!


Share the Wealth

If you know some single guys who just weren’t right for you but could be great with someone else, start introducing them to one another. Do you remember the BYOB (bring your old boyfriend) party on SATC? It’s kind of the same idea and you’re basically “guy-cycling” someone you used to date who didn’t work out so great with you but could be a great match for someone else. It could turn into a win-win situation!


Meet More Women

Making more female friends could actually help you meet more men. The reason being is that you can meet her friends, both male and female, which widens your circle and increases your chances of meeting someone new and swoon-worthy. The next time you go to an event, try sparking up a conversation with someone new and inviting her out for coffee or happy hour.


Enjoy Some Friendly Competition

We all know that exercise is great for both mind and body so why not incorporate some sports into your weekly routine? Join a sports league or anything active to not only relieve stress and have fun but to also get to know some people you might not otherwise meet, both male and female. This way, you get to work up a sweat while you get to know a new group of people.

These tips might seem a bit too obvious at first, but believe us, they work! You don’t necessarily have to do anything drastic, like move to another country, in order to meet someone special. Try to make a few tweaks and see how things turn out. Your Mr. Right could be waiting to be introduced to you!

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Maybe hopefully meet mr right at a vegetarian restaurant lol ,that would be nice

So where is the right vegetarian soul mate?

All these steps are very helpful !!! Thanks for sharing!

Start up some new vegetarian restaurants

What do you do when you don't even have a single friend?where do you start pls or rather where do I start

I have a tight schedule and I have difficulties mingling at work am a medical doctor and I practice what do I do

@Mabelle thank you so much :) let's just say I have a good experience in what I am sharing heh

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