3. Talk about the Incident

This one is tricky because it canโ€™t be done when things are still fresh. The reason this is healing is because you wonโ€™t have any question in your mind about if there's anyone else or how long he's been cheating. It clears your mind so you know what it was and there are no imagined scenarios playing in your head over and over.

Your partner also has to be willing to talk it out. He has to understand that to have closure, you need to know these things. This is very hard to do and tears will very likely be shed, but if your partner can be patient, delicate and honest, this can be an incredibly healing experience. If your partner canโ€™t do this or seems very unapologetic, maybe it's time to re-evaluate why you're choosing to stay.

Donโ€™t Be Vindictive


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