How to Move πŸš— from Being Single ☝️ into a Relationship πŸ‘« ...


When it comes to relationship advice online, you could throw a virtual dart and hit anywhere between ten and ten thousand articles about how to deal with the transition from taken to single after a breakup, but what about the reverse? What about if you have been single for a long time, become used to that way of life, and suddenly find yourself in a relationship that you can’t quite get your head around yet? The feelings of love are definitely there, but it’s taking a little while to adjust, right? Here is how to move from being single into a relationship.

1. Take It Slow

Don’t completely change your lifestyle in the space of a day, it won’t be sustainable. Explain to your new partner that you need to get back into the swing of a relationship slowly, and if they love you, they will be patient in helping you adapt your behaviours and attitudes.

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