How to Move on from a Broken Heart and Become Stronger ...


There are so many things you hear when you have a broken heart: “time heals…”; “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”; “you were too good for him anyway”; “there are plenty more fish in the sea”; and so on and on. The words might connect in your head, but the message isn’t getting through to your heart … yet. So how do you move on from a broken heart and be better for it?

1. Deal with the Issue of Your Heartbreak Head on

Does the scent of his aftershave on his old shirt still leave you in tears? Do you still have trouble looking into the future because he isn’t in it? Do you sometimes wish that he were dead so then at least you would know where he is? The fact is, you are suffering from a broken heart, and “that feeling is not going to go away…it is just going to become easier to bear.” That is a line from a young woman called Michelle Duel, who died of cancer in 2015 in her early thirties. What she meant was that you cannot hide from your heartbreak; all you can do is either live with it or bury it and numb the pain as if it were a toothache. You have to understand that in time, you will learn how to handle the pain of the loss.

Being Strong is Okay, but You Have to Let Yourself Cry at Some Point


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