3. Donโ€™t Stalk Your Ex

Speaking from personal experience, getting over a relationship is much easier when there is no stalking involved. It never made sense to me to stalk an ex. All it will do is cause you more hurt and pain.

No matter how curious you are about what he is doing just donโ€™t look him up. Donโ€™t drive by his house, donโ€™t look up his social media profiles, and donโ€™t make excuses to bump into him. Why would you want to see pictures of him with someone else? You will have a lot more peace not knowing anything about his life.

Donโ€™t Try to Be Just Friends


Thanks for posting this! I am going through this right now so itโ€™s nice to remember to focus back on doing whatโ€™s best for me!
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