How to Move past a Drunk Blow-up with Your Partner ...

Sometimes couples drink. Sometimes couples fight. Sometimes the two overlap and the results are not pretty. Recently, our dearest friends – who have been married for not quite a year, together for about six or seven – had a major fight. S. drank a little too much during a party and unloaded on G. later, leading to G. heading over here in the middle of the night. Things turned out okay, but it made me think about this topic because I can't imagine it's an uncommon problem. Let's work on the premise that your partner tipped back a few too many and a belligerent blow up ensued. We'll go from there.

1. One of You Needs to Step Away

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It's usually the sober partner – you, for the purposes of this post – because you're the only one who knows enough to it. This is the best thing you can do. As soon as the fight starts brewing, try to step away. That's a best case scenario and it doesn't always happen – it can't always happen. However, if you can tell it's coming before it gets bad, walk away.

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