How to Respond to 'I Love You' when You Don't Feel the Same ...


It’s magical to hear “I love you” when the feelings are reciprocated. Your heart skips a beat and you get a warm fuzzy feeling. But when someone says those three little words and you don’t feel the same it’s embarrassing, uncomfortable and downright tricky. How do you react?

1. I Wish I Could Say the Same

One way to respond to I love you when you don’t feel the same is to let them know that you wish you could say the same back. This might seem a little harsh and odd, but what its saying is that even though you can’t bring yourself to say it right now, there is the possibility that you might get to that point later down the line, so it’s not a complete rejection on your part.

I Can’t See Myself Feeling That Way


Difficult topic
I had this happen- I didn't see the relationship going anywhere; it was supposed to be casual; our lives didn't match up- I'm divorced with 2 teenagers and he wants kids. it's hard when the guy just w...
@rachel I would rather him say these words and hurt me now before ages months or years later telling me that he never loved and those three words were all a lie
I guess there's really no delicate way to respond to i love you if you don't love them back I would just say awh
All of them seem so harsh. Why do we have to be so callous, men have feelings too. If I fall for him, I wouldn't want him to put salt on the wound.
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