Mind Blowing 😱 Girl Rules πŸ“œ on How to Seduce 😘 like Cleopatra πŸ‘‘ ...

Wondering how to seduce like Cleopatra? She was a pharaoh and a master seductress. Yeah sure, that much we know. But what really did Pharaoh Cleo do to men that made her story worth telling thousands of years after her death? Here's how to seduce like Cleopatra and find out for yourself.

1. She Was Daring

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It was a time when most women were treated as fragile, so her daring nature enchanted men. Ptolemy XIV had exiled her, but during Julius Caesar’s visit to Egypt, with only one man to protect her, she made sure she was smuggled into the harbor at night. The man went to the Egyptian palace carrying a "large and valuable gift for Caesar." He undid the rope, unfurled the carpet and Cleo appeared half naked before the men. The whole thing left a 50-50 chance of Caesar being irritated by her presumptuousness, because bear in mind that he was constantly surrounded by beauties. This is just one of the answers for how to seduce like Cleopatra.

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