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Want to learn how to spice up the sex in your marriage?Don’t let the young have all the fun and love doesn’t have to be wasted on the youth.

Has your love life fallen into a rut? Feel like romance and hot sex have left or that you are too old?

Ha! Don’t believe it! You are the only one holding yourself back from whatever romance and hot sex you want or desire.

I was a nonbeliever, after raising 3 children, being 45 and having a partner for 23 years. I was definitely feeling like romance and hot sex had passed me by. I’ll be honest my libido and stamina are not like they were in my 20s, but it couldn’t be over could it? NO! Once I figured out the answers to one question. What’s holding me back? It wasn’t my husband. Yes, at 46 his stamina isn’t like in the 20s, but his libido has not changed. He tells me all the time how sexy I look, how he wants me and how I turn him on. I feel guilty sometimes because I felt like I was just going through the motions. How unfair to him.

It wasn’t outward but inward I needed to look. All my problems lied within me. It really came down to my self-conscience feelings about my body and getting over the crippling embarrassment I would feel just trying to talk about it (thanks mom, dad, society) how can you be free sexually when you are told that nakedness is dirty and having sex is wrong.

So how did I fix it, well let’s just say it’s a work in progress, but I have had such AWSOME results, I just had to share. Here's how to spice up the sex in your marriage.

1. Don’t Let Yourself Be Fooled

You can bring romance and hot sex back into your marriage. Having a positive attitude and an open mind can go a long way. Don’t get sucked into the belief that just because you’ve been with someone for a long time that love and romance go away. The only reason those things go away is because you let them go. So hold on, because I am going to give some simple tips to help keep that hot sex and romance around for years to come.

Look Inward
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