5. Spend as Much Time on the Phone as Possible

Spend as Much Time on the Phone as Possible

Again, you don't necessarily have to use all your phone time to talk dirty. I mention this because it worked for Heather and me when we were doing the LDR thing. Staying on the phone, even while you're going about some of your daily business, keeps you close. You feel like you're actually with each other. That comes in handy later when you're ready for long-distance sexy time.

Go Solo for Each Other


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I am talking to someone in the military and he can't use a phone to call me it sucks. 😭
Kimberly A Hatfield
I have had a long distance relationship and we had awesome phone sex, for the ladies ALWAYS MAKE HIM MAKE SATISFY YOU FIRST ALWAYS!!! Phone sex is GREAT but there's nothing like the The REAL DEAL , the day he/her come home make it special!!
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