Genius πŸ’‘ Ways to Stop πŸ›‘ Feeling Lovesick 😍 for Girls Sick of πŸ˜” Unreciprocated Feelings πŸ’” ...


Have you recently had to deal with the soul-crushing conundrum of being well and truly lovesick and are now trying to figure out how to stop feeling lovesick? Falling for someone who doesn’t reciprocate those feelings is one of the worst things in the world, especially because you are the only one of the pair who is now currently feeling this unexpected bout of sorrow over a relationship that never even had the chance to begin! It might not seem like it right now, but you will get over these feelings in time, but if you are desperate to change your attitude and state of mind right now, then here's how to stop feeling lovesick.

1. Ask Him out

One of the best answers for how to stop feeling lovesick is to just go for it. You could always throw caution to the wind and ask him out. You never know, he might be better at hiding his affection than you are, and all it might take is a simple question to get past this lovesick stage in to maybe something more!

Hate Him
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