How to Survive the Holidays with His Family ...


Maybe you're meeting his parents for the first time. Maybe you've been with him for years and are already sick of his parents. Either way, it helps to be prepared before you spend the holidays with them. Here's a guide that'll help you survive the season:

1. Bring Food to Dinner

Bring Food to Dinner

Make sure you bring a dessert to his parent's house. You don't have to make it. Just buy some cookies to share.

Offer to Help with the Dishes


Good rules to follow at many social events. Hard though when you can't stand most of his family... Just have to suck it up for the love of your mate.
Thanks that's really helpful I'm gonna met them this Xmas for the first time I'm really nervous
Yeah, my guys family compared to my family is so different. Paper plates and using offensive words (like ret*rd in a bad way). It's hard wanting to actually want to participate in that :x
What's the secret behind don't stare at the phone ?
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