How to Talk πŸ’¬ Dirty 😈 without 🚫 Getting Embarrassed 😳 ...


When it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom and doing something that might be out of your usual comfort zone, dirty talk is always something that comes to mind. It isn’t so far out there that you can’t bring yourself to even try it, but it is also more wild than you might be used to, and therefore you have to try to settle your embarrassment before really getting into it! If you have never tried dirty talk before, then it can definitely be a struggle to work up the confidence and get into a rhythm, but once you do, it’s amazing! Here is how to talk dirty without getting embarrassed.

1. Say His Name

One simple step to take towards dirty talk is to say your partner’s name alongside the usual moans and heavy breaths that come out of you during sex. By addressing them directly, you are linking the noises you are making to the actions that they are performing, and this will really get them even more hot and heavy than they already are. Once you get used to saying their name like that, more stuff can easily follow.

How It Feels