2. Check His Grocery Cart

Let's say you're shopping and walk pass a guy who catches your eye. You might notice he's not wearing a wedding ring. Peek inside his grocery cart to see what he’s buying. If you see a cart full of frozen dinners or other prepackage meals, there's a good chance that he lives alone and he might be single. But there's no way to know for sure unless you ask.

Ask around


Here's the thing about"just ask him" : they lie.
I like the pink razor!
Callie April
Or, you could just ask him!
peony blue
I rather he did all the hard work just to find out if I was single or not.
I agree if you want to know depending where u meet him(ie school) you can just observe him. If he ask u out u can say 'are you sure it's ok with your gf... Lol' His response could be your answer. If ...
Alyssa longoria
I like them all
This is too much..just ask him
This is lamo...
This whole article is trash. If you want to know just simply ask him!
2 is so dumb! Lots of guys buy foods that arent frozen and some of the world's top chefs are men. That is so disrepectful to men.
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