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How to Tell Your Family and Friends You're Breaking up with Someone They Really like ...

By Sici

Have you ever been in a relationship with somebody who your friends and family absolutely fell in love with? In an ideal world, this is the perfect scenario to experience, but things can start to get really messy and complicated when the relationship starts to sour but everyone else is still as besotted as they were before! Breaking up with a guy who you no longer have feelings for isn’t usually a tough thing to do for a mature adult, but having to deal with the fallout of your family and friends going through the pain of that breakup as well is a whole other matter! Here is how to tell your friends and family you’re breaking up with someone they really like!

1 Get Your Words Prepared

Not that you need to give anyone an explanation for why you are making a decision like this for yourself, but when breaking this kind of news to people who were invested, it’s a good idea to have a few bullet points or lines ready to roll off when the time comes. Already knowing what you are going to say will prevent you from getting tongue-tied if there are any protestations from your family and friends.

2 Ask for Support

If they truly love you, they will always come to your side of the situation, especially when you tell them that you really need their support. They might be sad that that person is no longer a feature in their lives, but at the same time if you directly ask them for help in this tough time, they will get a reality check and remember that you are the one they should be caring about.


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3 Give Your Reasons

Let them on all of the reasons why you have made this decision, tell them all of the things that they didn’t know up until this point. They will probably have a rose-tinted view of your ex because they only really saw him during positive times like social events and family occasions.

4 Reassure Them

Reassure them that the break up is for the best. Just because they liked him when he was with you, it doesn’t mean that they would rather keep him around than support your happiness as a newly single woman. Sometimes parents, in particular, get worried that you might have missed out on ‘the one’, so they more you can reassure them that that isn’t the case, the more comfortable they will be with the breakup.

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